What is ISRA ?

The Information Security Research Association (commonly known as ISRA) is a registered non-profit organization focused on various aspects of Information Security including security research and cyber security awareness activities. Officially registered in the year 2010, the Information Security Research Association has established itself as the leading security research organization in the Industry.

How can I get involved ?

ISRA is active in spreading information security awareness and its members have conducted and delivered a large number of information security awareness seminars and campaigns across various geographical locations.If you are a security evangelist / enthusiast or just fascinated by technologies, you can:

  • Open an ISRA Chapter in your City / Country / Region,
  • Join an existing ISRA Chapter,
  • Join your area(s) of Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Create new projects in consultation with ISRA Steering Committee, and
  • Join, collaborate and move existing projects under the ISRA Banner,
  • Students chapter of ISRA are also operating at various colleges with this objective.

How to start an ISRA Chapter and the process ?

For opening an ISRA Chapter, send the following information to c...[at]i...a [dot]org:

  • Details of individuals who are interested in opening and operating the Chapter along with their brief profile and comments if any.
  • Clearly mention the geographical area the Chapter assumes to cover viz. at Country, state or district level.
  • Applicants are advised to check if any ISRA Chapter isn’t already working in that particular area, in case not to overlap with an existing one.
  • Upon receiving all the necessary information, the ISRA Advisory Committee (AC) would forward it for final decision to ISRA Steering Committee (SC).
  • Once the application is approved, SC would name the Chapter and appoint the Chapter Lead among the founding members, and would list the details under the Chapter section of ISRA Portal.

How to start Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and what’s the difference between a Chapter and SIG ?

ISRA has several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in which individuals can participate depending on their interests, everyone is free to join one or multiple SIGs. The current list of SIG's are:

  • SIG-001 - Information Security Management Systems
  • SIG-002 - Security awareness
  • SIG-003 - Risk Management
  • SIG-004 - Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery Planning
  • SIG-005 - Cryptography and PKI Systems
  • SIG-006 - Digital Forensics and Investigations
  • SIG-007 - Penetration / Security Testing and Ethical Hacking
  • SIG-008 - Offensive Security and Malwares
  • SIG-009 - Web Application Security
  • SIG-010 - Wireless Security
  • SIG-011 - VoIP Security
  • SIG-012 - SCADA Systems
ISRA Chapters are the containers of SIGs in their respective geographical area. If an ISRA Member wants to recommend and contribute towards the setting up of a new SIG, the detailed request needs to be forwarded to s...@i...a.org along with the chosen area of subject. Chapters have the option of specializing in one SIG or can cover all the SIG depending upon their choice and preference. Chapters are more of a geographical concept whereas SIG’s are more of a knowledge domain irrespective of the geographical location.

How many general meets are required in a Chapter?

  • General meets are optional in both Chapter and SIGs, however meets once in every 3 months are recommended.
  • Chapters are required to conduct at least one event every year independently or in association with other like-minded organization covering the objectives of ISRA.

Status of physical presence in Chapter and SIGs ?

  • One can join the SIGs with or without being physically present at meet-ups, SIG members can interact virtually, in case a SIG or Chapter member wishes to be anonymous or don’t want to travel to the Chapter’s geographical location.
  • Only the Chapter Lead necessarily needs to be physically reside and present at the given Chapter Area.

What is Students Chapter of ISRA ?

The Student Chapter of ISRA is meant for the students of Universities and Colleges to spread the IT security awareness across their campus and promote the research work in the field.

Both the University/College and students are entitled to apply for opening an ISRA student Chapter. The process of applying and setting up a Student Chapter is same as that of normal ISRA Chapter only with one extra step to forward the application through the University/College’s authorised person, viz. the Principal/Director/HOD in case students are applying.

Universities/Colleges can apply directly to chapter@is-ra.org in above prescribed manner.