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The Information Security Research Association (commonly known as ISRA) is a registered non-profit organization focused on various aspects of Information Security including security research and cyber security awareness activities. Officially registered in the year 2010, the Information Security Research Association has established itself as the leading security research organization in the Industry.

ISRA is active in spreading information security awareness and its members have conducted and delivered a large number of information security awareness seminars and campaigns across various geographical locations. As part of this initiative, ISRA observes the first Thursday of every august as the Information Security day. Information Security Research is another domain that is actively supported by ISRA. Students chapter of ISRA are operating at various colleges with this objective.


International Information Security and Hacking Conference


Recognizes and honor outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of Information Security.


A fully featured security distribution consisting of a bunch of powerful, open source and free tools


ISD aims at reducing the risk associated with the information systems by increasing the awareness of user community

Information Security Day